The Modern Prometheus (machetemachine) wrote,
The Modern Prometheus

Sad about not going to Kinetic this year

It's Canada and all but I need to buy other stuff right now
Clothes and gear and no matter how far I have to go I will be up in the place as often as possible. Nashville finally had a decent act "god Module" come through and the lead singer came out in a fucking leather face ( I wanted to say and typed leather strip but I didn't)mask so dude comes out and suddenly I dont feel bad for having went to 5 different places settling on a mom and pop hardware store to buy the right respirator I knew I had the right one but dude asking me if I was a bomber was the cake right there should I get goggles this time? I heard they do nothing

VNV nation is next and yes the dude crones on and on with kicking crescendos of gay popness however its better than a 100 nights of watching people fall off the fake deck of that terrible 3 story club on the river in my current hometown over and over again.

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